Welcome to the Glasgow CAN Arts and Health Toolkit.

In November 2015, we met with members and the CAN board to reflect on the support that members needed to move forward with their Arts and Health provision. Collected here are a number of resources and links which will be helpful for various aspects of planning and delivery.

For more resources, please visit resources section of  the National Alliance for Arts Health and Wellbeing: a voice and resource for arts and health activity.  Here you will find a huge range of resources, publications and news.

Workshop session presentation

This presentation has a few slides which, out of context, might not contribute much- but it also summarizes some of the work I have been doing over the last few months and presents a few exercise that can be undertaken to help you reflect on Arts and Health work.

Mapping and Linking with the NHS

Explore the Glasgow CAN’s ever growing map of arts and health provision in Glasgow here

Add your organisation’s services to ALISS. ALISS (A Local Information System for Scotland) is a search and collaboration tool for Health and Wellbeing resources in Scotland. It helps signpost people to useful community support, and with an ALISS account you can contribute the many and varied resources that our local communities have to offer. It is used in lots of different ways and powers search engines in lots of settings. You may be using it already without realising!

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Publications and Downloadable Resources

For initial inquiries, I recommend the powerful search tool from the NAAHW, found here.  The following resources are pooled from the NAAHW practical advice section, to give you a feel for whats out there.

Participatory arts practice in healthcare contexts : guidelines for
good practice Guidelines for artists and healthcare professionals engaging in participatory arts practice, specifically for Ireland, but the advice is generally good!


A Charter for Arts, Health and Wellbeing   Documents the approach of the national alliance committed to promoting the role of the creative arts in health and care.  It articulates the basic concept of the arts, creativity and the imagination as agents of wellness, and may be useful to quote.


Arts & Health South West Arts on Prescription Fact Sheet The AHSW fact sheets provide you with a summary of information on a given subject based in a Frequently Asked Questions format. They also provide you with signposting for further research. – See more at: http://www.ahsw.org.uk/page.aspx?p=133#sthash.3eXNHs4Y.dpuf

ArtsPulse Evaluation Toolkit A user friendly guide to evaluating arts and well being projects.



Links to helpful sites

Also worth exploring is the beautifully designed arts and health evaluation tool creative & credible

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The London Arts and Health Forum has a huge range of resources, lists opportunities, and publishes a very helpful newsletter regularly.

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